Jeffery Architect

Pavillion in the Arboreotum


Project Description:
Barrie's Garden Club was selected by the City to construct the signaure project to celebrate the City's 150th birthday. They proposed to build a pavilion in the Arboretum at Sunnidale Park in the heart of the City. The Pavilion is meant to serve as shelter for people using the park and as a place where people can learn about the history and environment of the area. The Garden Club wanted the Pavilion to be a "focus" within the arboretum that drew attention to it and its importance within the city.

Our design is a structure that provides an experience similar to a walk in the woods beneath the forest canopy. Sunlight is filtered through irregular openings, while tree trunk columns and an organic transition between inside and outside make the landscape as much a part of the pavilion as the pavilion is part of the landscape.