Jeffery Architect

The Timothy Christian School, Barrie

Timothy Christian School, New $4,000,000.00, 51,000 square foot elementary school building with 18 regular classrooms, 2 kindergartens, music room, gymnasium, science room, banquet kitchen.

Complete 2005

Simcoe County District School Board

Penetanguishene Secondary School, $3,000,000.00, Exterior Cladding Renovation, (tendered April 2006)

Penetanguishene Secondary School, $232,000.00, Hospitality Suite Addition, (complete 2005)

Stayner Collegiate, $600,000.00, Renovations: Life Skills, Family Studies and Staff rooms, (complete 2004)

Hillcrest Public School Phase II, $573,000, Mechanical and Electrical Upgrade (complete 2003)

Wyevale Public School, $1,100,000.00 4 classroom Addition & admin area, kitchen, library (complete Jun 2002)

Hillcrest Public School, $1.6 m Gymnasium Addition & Renovations (complete 2001)

Minesing Public School, $1.5 m 8 classroom Addition & Renovations (complete 2000)

Simcoe Muskoka District Catholic School Board

Holy Trinity High School, Bradford, $9,300,000.00. Addition with 20+ classrooms, science labs, art rooms, gymnasium & automotive technology classroom (documents May 2006)

Jean Vanier High School, Collingwood, $2,000,000.00 Additions and alterations adding 10+ classrooms (complete 2005)

St. John Vianney School, Alterations and Upgrade (complete 2005)

4 School Roof Repairs, (complete 2005)

Computer Cabling Upgrades 12 Schools $416,000.00 (complete 2003)

Jean Vanier High School Collingwood, $162,000.00. Music room and computer classrooms (complete 2002)

Computer Cable Upgrades 6 Schools, $180,000 (complete 2001)

Computer Cable Upgrades 10 Schools, $380,000.00. Supplying cabling and millwork for all classrooms (complete 2001)

Holy Trinity Computer Room Upgrade, $101,000 renovation (complete 2000)

7 Schools Feasibility Studies for proposed additions (1999)

Public Works Canada:
DND and Defence Construction at Base Borden

Croil Hall Theatre Renovation, $200,000 theatre refurbishing (2001)

Military Police Academy, Move to O87 Documents and specifications, $560,000.00 renovation (2001)

Military Police Academy Consolidated Facility Conceptual Design and Statement of Requirements for new 7 million facility (2001)

Military Police Academy, Condition and Usage Study of existing facilities

POET School Relocation to Croil Hall -Documents and Specifications for $800,000.00 renovation (2001)

Croil Hall, Condition and Usage Study of Education building, School Relocation Designs (2000)

Beausoleil First Nation, Christian Island

Healthcare Centre, $150,000.00 Addition (2006)

Ambulance and Fire Hall Building (design proposal 2005)

Healthcare Centre, $100,000.00, New building (complete fall 2004)

Childcare Centre, $325,000, Addition and renovations (complete fall 2004)

Childcare Facility, Study of existing facility (2004)